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Customer Service

    Contact with SBC led screen company  customer service directly for any needs like booking hotel, scheduling the trip to SBC large Led  screen manufacturer  and etc.. SBC led display factory will try its utmost to help you . Your every request and suggestion will be SBC LED screen solutions company's  treasure, SBC moving sign company customer service Dept. sincerely service you everyday.
    SBC video wall factory after-sales service contents :
    After-sale service contents

1. After-sale service includes
    One year warranty for the whole system"except human factor and force majeure","One year quality warranty, lifetime maintenance", and guarantee the maintenance time in contract.
During the warranty period: solve problems for users through the phone, fax or E-Mail. Update the software free of charge.
    As to the product quality problems caused by design, manufacture, installation technology, material, the replacement and maintenance are free. The system damage caused by force majeure(flood, fire, earthquake, war and so on) as well as users' man-made disturbance(construction, cleaning ) should be coordinate by both sides to solve.
Life-long maintenance for the system: after the guarantee, we only charge the cost of hardware.

 2. Response time
    Our maintenance engineer will supply solution by phone, fax, E-MAIL in two business days after we received fault report.
We will try our best to supply solutions aim to the fault that can not be solve through phone, fax, E-MAIL (users should be show fault pictures, detailed written report, report the problem in detail)


3. System upgrade service
    In the guarantee, the upgrade of multi-media display manager software is free of charge.
    If system functions upgrade needed by customers, add equipments and software functions, only charges costs.

Free training services
    The training is with the purpose of training system operators, they can be operate the system skilled by training, and can deal with some basic fault.
    Training engineers are three persons more or less.
    This training is carry out at the training center in the factory£¬ training mainly contents including:
    Basic knowledge of computer
    LED display basic working principle
    Display programming and play software, snoopware work systems operation!

    System day-to-day maintenance and safety precaution, this training is arranged after the accomplishment of simulation system.

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