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About SBC International Talent College (ITC)

    SBC International Talent College (ITC) was established on August 3rd, 2013. It’s the first specialized international marketing training institution in the global LED display industry. Our International Talent College is the only institution of its kind, everything we do has to be innovative. The college covers less than 100 square meters of the office’s area, so we need to make use of the company’s other classrooms, offices, library and lecture hall as our teaching facilities.
    Our institution is simple and efficient. When the SBC International Talent College was established in 2013, the
institution’s staff was limited to our principle, his two deputies, two researchers and two full-time teachers. We do have, however, a lot of part-time employees: all kinds of specialists dedicated to research in the field of international marketing, such as college professors, top managers of well known enterprises, senior government officials, entrepreneurs, senior lecturers and senior trainers. Any of you can become guest lecturers at our University, as long as you have rich marketing experience and solid theoretical foundation.

    SBC International Talent Collegefollows the principle of cultivating unique young talents. International marketing is the college’s only major, and the training is based on MBA education model. Specialists we recruit are at least junior college graduates who have mastered at least one foreign language, with emphasis on fluent speaking skills. In the initial stage of its operation, the college will enroll 30 students from all over the world.

   Thanks to its high academic level and strong research capabilities, ITC is one of the key parts of the company, and its development is one of our highest priorities. We focus on developing the international market, and are determined to make remarkable achievements. Our purpose is to help our students become the industry’s elite by giving them regular, scientifically based training, so that every one of them can excel under fierce competition, and to guarantee that SBC remains a global player in the LED industry (as will be seen in the results of the “LED industry 2014-2016 performance evaluation report" to be published by a specialized international evaluating  institution).
    ITC attaches great importance to staff training, academic research and teaching, with emphasis on practical
application of knowledge - our curriculum never fails to bridge the gap between theory and practice. With the help of SBC’s favorable international reputation and influence, ITC will carry out international exchanges in full and on various levels, and engage in deep, wide-ranging cooperation with a number of world-class universities and Fortune 500 companies.

   Dear students: have faith in ITC, cherish the present, embrace your future!


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