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About SBC

Business Domain

SBC professionally produce high quality, high cost- effective LED screen, LED lights products,
 LED lighting and professional services.
 1. Products
 (1) Indoor Full Color LED Display Screen
 (2) Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screen
 (3) Unconventionality LED Display Screen
     Cross Led Display  
     Painting Screen
     Color Brick Screen
     Stairway Screen
     Football Stadium Screen
     Gas Station LED Display
     Curtain LED Display

 2. Solution
    Palaestra competed, billiard-marker, display system
    Stage background display system
    Electronic queue calling system
    Big range group display and control system
    Traffic abduction display system
    Freeway abduction display system
    Station, airdrome, dock abduction display system
    Platform, Parking lot display system

    SBC businesses cover LED outdoor full color screen, LED indoor full color screen, LED lights
products, LED lighting products. LED lights and LED lighting products have the advantage of following
world development trend. We can provide a set of competitive solution and service to our clients. 

    LED lights products:LED point light , video strip.
    LED lighting products:1W, 3W, 5W, 60W, 100W

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