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SBC Proclamation

                    ---Responsibility & Honor


    SBC is a responsible and trustable company for our clients, employees as well as our society. Meanwhile we exhibit the stunning stage of vision to more and more people. We fully understand the value of human resource. A group of our potential intelligent talents are working together for one goal. We believe this group of talents will become a super team with passion & a strong execution-ability. We are not the pioneer of this industry, but we perform the duty to develop the future of this industry and make innovation progress with our know-how for LED display domain. our firmed faith and lofty duty inspire our team to devote themselves and work with passion. We are defining the essence of customer's value with our common words and powerful action, at the same time, Our employees are exploring shoulder by shoulder with our open mind & sincere care. We bear our full responsibility for the society with our contribution and win the respect of all.

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