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About SBC

About SBC

    Founded on August 3rd, 2004 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, SBC is a responsible manufacturer specializing in manufacturing LED display and providing professional engineering solutions. It is set up by a group of like-minded SBC people to achieve their common mission of " To Straighten the backbone of‘Made in China’in the LED display industry”.

   We are excellent in executing and making clear development strategies and continuous innovation based on customer demands. "Stability, trust and efficiency" has become the core of SBC’s brand value and it spreads out to the world rapidly and powerfully. UP to 2015, SBC has established a leading position in LED display industry.


    SBC’s registered capital is RMB 5 million,while its net assets exceeds RMB 30 million and estimated brand value is between RMB 0.8billion to 1.5billion (Results from a professional advisory body in November 2010). Our fully automated production lines have greatly enhanced the overall labor productivity. We are striving to increase the overall average labor productivity by 50% on the basis of 2014. In 2015, we will have 500 employees, 120 technicians and our production scale and total output value will double that of 2014.

   As one of the most well-known LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen, SBC equips with a  ultra-clean and anti-static room of 10,000 square meters totally, a full set of the most advanced automatic devices of die bonding, wire bonding and plastic sealing, LED testing and sorting machine as well as the world's most advanced automatic production lines. SBC promotes the development of the company with its advanced technological means and scientific management methods. Meanwhile, SBC has passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality certification and ISO14001:2004 environment certification authorized by Swiss SGS, ROHS testing, the CE, CCC, UL certifications and other quality certifications, IP67 dustproof and waterproof tests, anti-sunlight and anti-glaring testings, electromagnetic compatibility testing, high and low temperature testing as well as heavy metals testing, etc.


    SBC will promote the channel construction strongly. Our objective is to provide one-stop global service to any customer in need. According to that, we have established 23 branches in the world so far. Besides, our marketing and service network can provide customers with fast and premium on-site services in 24 hours.

    SBC is committed to providing customers with innovative and superior products, services and solutions that meet their needs. Our products and solutions cover a variety of indoor and outdoor LED displays. With the leading technologies, user-friendly features, personalized designs and diversified solutions, they have earned global trust and worldwide praise and been applied to 76 countries and areas in the world since we started international trade from 2007.       


   To stand in the forefront of the times and lead the trend are what SBC people strive for!


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