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Talents enrollment from SBC 2017

   SBC has been creating inheritance for 13 years with one sentence:Use profession to win trust.Use excellence to win respect.  The core team has been built. The international market has been developped so well.The first-class products have been come up  rapidly "stability, of corse  SBC!" is a well-known brand concept in the LED display industry. 

   SBC achieved a lot up to now.But we are not satisfied with the status quo, we will work harder and do everything we can to make things happen in the LED screen market.
   Now, the whole situation of the LED industry is a mess. Industry reshuffle and integration have been waiting for the person who has ambitions with lofty ideals and a strong team . This is the best opportunity for  SBC.  SBC  has the solid team to the inevitable, we will be invincible in the heavens and the earth!Now everything is in readiness but lack of talents, only if you think you are a talented person, please come to SBC  here is your McCoy stage and opportunity.
   Now will enroll a lot of research and development personnel, marketing personnel, technical personnel and the personnel of the service.
  Come on, SBC will be the world's leading LED stage where meets your expectations.
  Let's plan the industry condition of LED display, we change the world together, share the honor!
  The last one is an important announcement:
  If you decided to come to  SBC. money is not the problem, because a team which can change the world is difinitely has so much money
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      On 8th/May. 2017
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