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View of talent

    We firmly believe one logos that a great accomplishment originate from a simple concept.We infuse our passion into every step of our success.
Respect,understand, trust in each other are the bridge to connect us struggle together for our future. Let us walk shoulder by shoulder, be stronger together and then reach the final victory.
SBC holds that:
(1) Staff that is serious, responsible and well organized is our vital fortune.
(2) Respect knowledge, respect personality,focus on team work and do not indulge the elite member are the internal demand of our career"s persistent development.
(3) Congenial minds are disposed to associate. The people who join us means we are in the same camp.So here we remind you: Before you fill in you resume,please visit our website ,especially for our company culture,if you are not accept it in your heart,please don"t waste your time in our company.

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