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Case Name: SBC Contributres its Great Gift Uzbekistan National Day


Project name:SBC Contributres its Great Gift Uzbekistan National Day
Project Location: Tashkent City Uzbekistan
Product specification: Kingkong Compass 6.94 Kingkong Compass 10.416
Screen size: 700sqm
Project type: National day led display
Time of completion: 2013.08
    On 1st, September, 2013, it is a day of Uzbekistan's 22th National day, in its capital Tashkent, there is a grand celebration in one park, SBC has been continuously offered its LED screen for Uzbekistan's National Day, which helps the natinal day succeed while also contributes its gift for this nation.                    


    At the night of 31th, August, around 1000 people including the president Karimov,Parilement prime and prime minister, and scients, advanced workers, entrepreneurs, etc from all the field from the society attended this celebration.


    Since 2011, visitors from Uzbekistans visited 20 led screen manufacturers to decide to buy led screen for its national day, SBC win their trust due to its stabile quality and comprehensive solution, in the first year, they bought 2500 M2 led screen including curtain led screen and floor led screen, in 2012, it is curtain P25-50 with 1300M2, and this year, SBC contribute its known-well led screen, kingkong compass LED screen with 710 M2, as a led screen consist of high technology for rental use, wholly waterproof, both used for outdoor and indoor, it triggered a strong storm in the LED China Fair in 2013 when firstly showed in this fair, it leads to a new direction for led screen industry.

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