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Case Name: Urumqi International Grand Bazaar Market Outdoor Wall-led display


Project name:Urumqi International Grand Bazaar Market Outdoor Wall-led display
Location: Urumqi,XinJiang,China
Product specification: Kingkong 10
Screen size: 80㎡
Project type: Business led display  Market led display
Time of completion: 2012.12
    International Grand Bazaar is located in Erdaoqiao commercial Estate, the southern end of Tianshan District, Urumqi City. It is composed of six buildings, and is tourist attractions where contain five formats, such as tourism, national commerce, catering, ethnic art exhibition, and retail. And the Grand Bazaar is a place gathering and exhibiting tourism products in Xinjiang. In 2004, it is selected "Top Ten Construction"in Urumqi. The project is located outside Carrefour supermarket in the most central areas inside the Grand Bazaar, opposite the Grand Bazaar Performing Arts Theatre. And every visitor in Xinjiang will not forget to take pictures in that place. The project began to be planed in 2010 and has been completed after three years, at the end of 2012. The installation of the large LED screen added more agile colors to the international Grand Bazaar as tourist mecca. And its excellent picture and display performance pavilions with unique buildings. The LED display provides another window for the promotion of the scenic spots around Xinjiang , so that more tourists can understand Xinjiang, and it has won highly praise from tourist.


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