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Case Name: Xian Jiefang Road Outdoor LED Display

Project name: Xi'an Jiefang Road Outdoor LED Display
Location: Xi'an Shanxi Province China
Product specification:  Flexible screen 15
Screen size: 216.33sqm
Project type:  Dysmorphism led display  Soft screen
Time of completion:  Aug 2011.
    This is led display is PH16mm curved led display, the brightness is more than 10000nits, with amazing visual effect, and this is a very golden place for ads, this led display bring a lot of business and adverting to the businessman who run this led display. On the bustling Jiefang road, no matter how fast and urgent you walk, or wander in street, still for sightseeing travel, you must won’t miss the attractive scenery. Such a strategy location is, which is contain limitless business opportunity and is very favorite by advertising investor. 
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