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Case Name: People's Grand Theater LED display in North Korean


Project name: People's Grand Theater LED display in North Korean
Location: Pyongyang City North Korean
Product specification: Kingkong(simple)10
Screen size: 124sqm
Project type: Theater led display
  Dance Theater led display
Time of completion: 2012.04
   This project is located on the opposite of Pyongyang Palace ,the central location of Pyongyang City. The main screen: P10: 17.28 (W) X7.2 (high) = 124.42sqm two small screen: P10: 2.56 (W) X2.4 (high) = 6.144sqm, so each is 12.288sqm. Entire project: 136.7Sqm. this screen is largest display in North Korea, the LED screen main use is for stage background. After the completion of this theater, the important performances of the North Korean government will be held here.

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